Las Casitas Assisted Living

Las Casitas Assisted Living is a 15-bed assisted living facility located in Burbank, CA. We cater to seniors that need assistance with their activities of daily living. Las Casitas Assited Living can provide more individual attention than the large assisted living facilities, but allows more privacy than small assisted-living homes that occupy five or six seniors.

The Tolucan Times says, "More of a Spanish villa vacation resort than residential care facility, this 15-unit family-oriented living community provides a quiet and luxurious respite for anyone needing a little help wiht basic routines and a built-in set of neighbors that is just the right size."

Each of the meals are prepared by an in-house chef three times a day. Snacks are also provided throughout the day. Because of Las Casitas' small size, the assisted living facility provides individual attention to seniors in need. Las Casitas Asssited Living also caters to prescribed diets. The in-house chef can also provide for individual tastes and desires.

Welcome to Las Casitas

Our staff welcomes you!